Frequently Asked Questions
Spring Ride 2008

Where will it begin and end? The ride begins at Cambridge Common in Harvard Square and ends at the new North Point Park across from the Museum of Science. People who wish to return to the Cambridge Commons afterwards will be guided back by a Bicycle Committee member.

Who is running the event? The Cambridge Bicycle Committee with the help of the Cambridge Police Bicycle Patrol Unit, the Cambridge Community Development Department, the Cambridge Public Works Department and the Cambridge Historical Commission.

Do I need to register? There is no registration, just show up and enjoy!

How much does it cost? It's free, but donations for the food costs are welcome.

Is this a ride for children? While the ride is not fast, it might be a bit long for young riders. Young children who aren't used to riding distances would fare best on a trail-a-bike (and the youngest in seats or trailers). Anyone under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Families with younger children might enjoy Fresh Pond Day on May 10, when rides for the younger set will be led around the pond. Check for details at

Is it suitable for adult beginner cyclists? Yes, if they are in sufficient physical health to safely travel at an average speed of about 8 miles an hour for an extended length of time. It is of course possible to only stay with the ride for a portion of the trip and head back at their own time and pace.

How long is the ride? How long will it take? The ride is a bit over 11 miles long, will travel at about 8 mph and include four or five stops of five to ten minutes each, which adds up to from 2 to 2.5 hours.

How difficult will the route be? Flat and easy.

How often will we stop? There will be 4 or 5 official stops and the occasional random pause to allow the group to pull together.

Will there be a police escort? Yes, the Cambridge Police Department's Bike Patrol will be with us the entire way. Riders are expected to stay with the group and follow the instructions of the Bicycle Patrol officers.

Where will we ride? Check out the map, which will be posted to this site the day before the ride.

What if I'm late? You can try to catch the ride along the route if you would like to follow the map.

What if I get a flat tire? A mechanic will be on hand to assist with unanticipated mechanical problems. Riders should ensure that bikes are in good working order before the day of the ride; the assistance will only be for minor emergencies, not major tune-ups. Click here for a list of local bicycle repair shops.

What about the weather? Steady rain will force a postponement to the May 18 rain date. If the weather looks doubtful, check An announcement will also be sent to the ride email list (sign up on this web site's home page).

Will there be public toilets? There are facilities available at the stop at Fresh Pond Reservation. There will also be an opportunity near the North Point final stop at the CambridgeSide Galleria Mall.

Are helmets required? Helmets are required by law for children 16 years old and younger. The City of Cambridge endorses helmet use for all.

What are the rules?
1. Stay with the group and behind the leader.
2. The Cambridge Bicycle Patrol will be accompanying the group. Obey all police directives.
3. Stay to the RIGHT of any yellow center line on the road
4. We will ride as a group with the road open to traffic ahead of us and behind us. Please ride safely and courteously, and obey all police directives.

Will you be giving out freebies? There will be some light snacks at the North Point Park stop.

Will you giving out bottles of water? Not this time.

Email info [at] cambridgebikes [dot] org for more information.

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